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Aligning with the Global Goals for smarter investment

We work with the growing impact investment and startup community looking to invest and innovate around the UN Global Goals

We believe that the future of investment is bright, when investors choose to invest their money in ways that are good for both people and planet:

We work with our clients and partners to create better alignment between the work that they do and the issues they care about – using the UN Global Goals as a universal frame of reference.

What will it take to achieve the Global Goals?

To achieve The Global Goals will take (conservatively) $3trn of finance annually between now and 2030.

This money will not come from philanthropic and government sources alone, which is why the investment community has such a crucial role to play in creating a new model of sustainable finance, which drives rather than hinders progress towards the Goals.

What we offer

Our 3-step approach caters for businesses at different points in their journey towards impact and sustainability:

  1. Goalscaping

    Our mapping and analysis phase, giving us and you a picture of where your business is right now in terms of Global Goals alignment

  2. Game planning

    Impact workshop(s) with key stakeholders. Workshops deliver a greater depth of understanding, co-creation of initiatives and KPIs and strategies for long-term accountability

  3. Goal-scoring

    Implementation phase based on your business's specific needs

Who we work with


Project 17 founder, Gail Gallie

Gail Gallie

Gail Gallie is a senior communications leader who has worked at a global level across a broad range of sectors, but specialising in the areas of media and impact. She was a Marketing Director at the BBC for 10 years, and has run national election campaigns and major brand launches and redesigns in both the profit and non profit sectors.

After serving as a CEO in the advertising industry for 4 years she left to pursue a wholly purpose driven career, joining forces with campaigners Richard Curtis and Kate Garvey to found Project Everyone, the campaign unit that launched the Global Goals on behalf of the United Nations.

Over the past 4 years, Project Everyone has built powerful communications campaigns around the goals, as well as creating an ecosystem surrounding the goals amongst governments, businesses, activists and non profits to accelerate progress and see the goals achieved.

Gail is a frequent moderator and keynote speaker on the topic of the goals and sustainable development, including a recent episode of We Transfer’s Influence podcast on how advertising can serve the public good.

Summer 2019 saw Gail launch Project 17, a new venture focused on the investment sector.

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